Joining is easy and secure through PayPal. For a 12-month membership fee of AUD$70.00, you will receive access to our interactive, engaging and informative App, as well as a $25 Gift card to spend in our shop on a range of merchandise options, and a yearly participation medal. In addition, you will be automatically entered in our monthly competitions!

RUN THE WORLD is cheaper than most running events, and 364 days longer.......Plus we offer access to an amazing community of runners and walkers around the world to motivate and inspire you along the way.

Membership Cost and Inclusions

Run The World has a yearly membership fee of $70 Australian Dollars. Payments are made securely through PayPal. Your yearly fee includes:

  • A full membership for 12 months from the day you join.¬†
  • Access to the website and mobile application.
  • A $25 Gift Card to spend in our shop on a range of merchandise.
  • A yearly participation medal sent in December each year.
  • Automatic entry into all our monthly competitions.
  • Becoming part of an amazing community worldwide that will inspire you and motivate you to get out the door and run... all year round.

Join now and pay the same price for your membership every year for the rest of your life. No price rises at all for renewals. If the price does rise for NEW members (to meet increased costs) renewing members will not pay this increase and will continue to pay the price they originally joined at.

Register to Run the World

Start Running

Simply register online and get yourself a device to record your training and start running!

Stay committed for multiple years and see how long it will take you to run around the world. For major cities reached on your journey, we will acknowledge you in our weekly newsletter with the option for you to add milestone can coolers to your membership to acknowledge these efforts. Upon completion of your chosen map, we will send you an awesome Finisher's Medal to celebrate your achievement… and work with you to make the day a magic one!