If there is a question or query you have that is not listed here, please contact us. We are real people, passionate about all things running, who will respond within 48 hours.

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  • Who can register for Run The World?

    ANYONE. Runners, walkers, individuals, club members, social runners, ultra athletes, first timers......ANYONE. 

    The only restriction is that Run The World is an individual journey.....you can not have multiple people contributing distance to the one account.

  • What exercise can I include?

    Any run or walk event that covers distance and is considered “Structured Exercise” for health and wellness can be included as part of your journey. Check out the link

    Activities that CAN be included are:

    • Training run.
    • Interval/track/hill sessions and similar.
    • Walk the dog for exercise purposes.
    • Treadmills.
    • A run or walk race or fun run.
    • An exercise walk to work, or school, or the gym etc.
    • Hikes or bush-walks.
    • A sports game or match (provided you can verify distance with a GPS device).
    • Running as part of an exercise class or cross-training session (only the run/walk component can be added and verified with distance).
    • The run/walk component of a multi-sport event or training session, such as a triathlon or adventure race.
    • Warm ups and cool downs can be included...

     Activities you CAN NOT record as part of RUN DOWN UNDER include:

    • No STEP COUNTING is allowed.....this is a definite NO.
    • No Elliptical machines can be included. There is too much grey area around the distance these machines record and as such we decided not to allow these.
    • Any “incidental” running or walking. While we appreciate the importance of “incidental exercise”, it does not form part of our criteria for recording results. Activity such as your movement at work via measuring steps, walking around the shops, playing with the kids at the park, mowing the lawns, sightseeing around cities and similar “incidental exercises” are NOT to be added to your activity list.
    • Cycling.
    • Skiing.
    • Swimming.
  • What do I get for my entry fee?

    Your entry fee includes a full 12 month membership - giving access to our website that provides YOUR map and YOUR journey. And you become part of one of the most awesome running communities world-wide!

    In addition, we will give you a Gift Card that you redeem for an event shirt or singlet or any item from our shop.

    And.....a participation medal is included for EVERYONE - EVERY YEAR.

  • How do I connect my Strava account to Run The World

    Head to the Run The World website and log in to your account.

    Click on your profile (top right) and from the drop down box select Strava. This will guide you through the process of setting up and authorizing our App with Strava.

    You will notice you can select both public and private runs to come across - you make the decision as you connect.


  • My Strava is not connecting with Run The World

    1. Strava may not bring across your first day of entering due to time restraints, but it should pick up everything after Day 2 if all connected correctly.

    2. Is your Strava account PRIVATE? If so then you needed to tick the box that allowed us to access your private activities. 

    3. Did you go through the process of authorising? You can check by going to settings in Strava and pressing "My Apps" and Run Down Under should be there.

    4. Did you by any chance have someone else's Strava account logged in when you joined and it may have connected to their Strava account.

    5. Does your Strava email match your Run The World email...these need to be the same for the two systems to marry up.


  • What if I decide to change to Strava once I have already started?

    This is fine, as long as you don't re-import Strava entries that have been added manually. When changing over to Strava you will be asked for a date for this to start. Be sure you dont overlap to include data that has already been added manually.

    Be sure to go and do an audit of your account if you change to Strava and delete any manual entries that may have doubled up.

  • Is Strava compulsory?

    Definitely Not - it is just an option that we automate with. Many GPS watches link to Strava and then via this link - automatically sync with our App to make life easy. However, thousands of people chose to enter their runs manually using our App - a quick an easy process to upload your distance each day.

  • Can I add my treadmill runs and walks?

    Most definitely YES - just take a screen shot of the machine once done to add these as part of your journey.

    Please note that we do not allow Elliptical machines (as the distance around these machines is such a grey area). We also don't allow stationary bikes.

  • Can I include my daily step counting

    Definitely NOT. Whilst we appreciate the importance of incidental exercise, we do not allow step counting. we recommend you download a free app such as Strava (or something similar) and switch on your GPS for just the structured exercise you do each day or week. We will not accept step counting profiles to be used for verification.

  • How do I let you know how far I've run?

    There are many ways you can do this....and we want to make it as easy as we can for YOU! Via Strava is an automated option that our system picks up each day. Manually you can submit files, pictures or links to your GPS device, Apps, race results and more.

    Quite simply anything that measures your distance can be used and added as verification each time you upload. 

    Please note - we CANNOT accept step counting profiles.

  • Can I backdate runs when I register?

    Upon registering you will be asked if you want your membership to start immediately (TODAY) OR if you would like it to start up to 4 weeks earlier. If you chose immediately you can only add runs from that day on. If you chose to backdate your membership, then you can backdate your runs to that date - up to a maximum of 4 weeks.

    Please note that during November and December we have a promotion that adds time to your membership and as such the backdate function is over-ridden during these 2 months.

  • Can I backdate data if I forget for a period of time?

    You can only backdate for a period of 4 weeks. Runs dated further back than this that need to be added will require you to contact us, and provide all the date for us to enter for you - which we are more than happy to do. 

    Please DO NOT add all your past bulk data in on 1 day as it affects our leader boards, competitions, stats and data.

    We encourage you to stay active with the program by importing each day, week or at least month, so you can engage with the App and the community and enhance your experience and your journey.

  • How and when do I renew my membership

    To renew your membership you need to log into your profile on the Run The World website. Here you will see your membership expiry details and a "Renew Now" button. By renewing, it will add 12 months to your expiry date.

    This means you can renew anytime you like - and 12 months will be added to you expiry date...regardless of when you renew.

    You CANNOT renew through the SHOP, it must be done via your Run The World profile.

  • How do I add my friends

    This function must be done from the website - not the App. Log into your account on the website and click on the FRIENDS tab. Here you can search for friends and send friend requests.

  • I didn't receive my Gift Card when I joined.

    EVERYONE gets a gift card as part of their membership to use in our shop and redeem for our event singlet or shirt. If you didn't receive this via email (after checking your junk folder), contact us and we can re-send it.

  • Do I get a medal

    Sure do - everyone gets ONE as part of your 12 month membership. If you change maps throughout the year, then you receive the medal that you completed the most distance on in that calendar year.

    Medals are shipped to your registered address on your profile. All medals are sent as follows:

    Un-engraved medals are sent in early December. These can take up to 4 weeks given the period of time being the busiest for Australia Post.

    Engraved medals are sent at the end of January.

  • When can I expect my engraved medal to arrive?

    If you paid for your medal to be engraved, then you can expect it to arrive late January or early February. WHY?

    We give everyone a week's grace at the start of the new year to update their distance and ensure everyone is up to date. We then send off the order (upwards of 2,500) to our supplier to print everyone's name and distance. This takes approx 2 weeks. They send them back to us and we post them out ASAP.

  • How do I check if I ordered engraving for my medal?

    Once logged into your account on the website - click on your profile and select "View Profile". Under your profile picture or icon you will see yuor memebrship time with us and whether or not you have paid for the mementos package or your engraved medal.  

  • Who am I competing against?

    YOU. Our event is all about YOUR journey as you embark on an amazing challenge to circumnavigate Australia. But we know the competitive juices will flow, so there are various leader boards that compare your efforts to every other member within your map or around the world (other maps).

    You can filter by age group, club and by gender as well.

  • Can I join anytime?

    You can join any time you like. YOUR journey starts the day you enter. You will be added to the leader boards immediately, and you can also compare how long it takes to complete various segments with those already finished.

    There is no restriction to when you can join us....

  • How is my age calculated?

    It is based on the YEAR of your birth that you enter in when you register. This means that your age group WILL NOT change through the middle of the year. Age groups will always be set on January 1st.

    So whatever age you are on January 1st - that is the age group you will stay in for the entire calendar year.

  • Do I have to start the map where you tell me?

    EVERYONE starts their virtual journey from the same place and we all follow the same route around your chosen map as we add distance. Like a "fun run" - we all start at the same start line and follow the same course to the finish.

  • How do I turn off notifications I receive from the App?

    On your profile (top right once you are logged in) you will see a drop-down box and a heading titled "Notifications". Click this to be guided through and set up for notifications. 

    You also need to go to settings in your smartphone and click "notifications". All your Apps will appear (including Run the World) and from here you select our App and turn off notifications.


  • Why is the leader board different on the App?

    The Leader board on the App includes all members from all over the world, and includes ALL MAPS. The leader board you see on the website is set to default just to your region, although you an filter by everyone the same as the App.

    The leader board functionality on the App is quite simple compared to the website, which shows your weekly and yearly movement up or down the leader board, allows many filter options and allows you to click on members and visit their profile.....functions not available on the App (which is designed simply to be a basic leader board).

    Use the filter options to specify exactly the leader board you want to see.

  • Will my journey continue each year or do I start again?

    The moment your 12 month subscription expires you are asked to renew and continue your journey. If you choose not to for whatever reason, your journey will always stay at the point you left. So when you do decide to come back - you will pick up where you left off on YOUR journey. Even if you take an extended break, you will always resume from the last town you where at.


  • Can I change maps anytime?

    Changing Maps is an easy process. Head to the Run The World website and log into your account. From the drop down box select "Change Map'. Once done, the Map you have left will keep you in the current location you were at. If you ever go back to this map you will pick up where you left off.

    On the new map you will start from the start. Every run you add once you have changed maps, will go to your new map route.

  • What is my Primary Club?

    This is the club you selected at the time of registration, and is the club you nominate as the beneficiary of the Club Rewards program. This is the club where your $5 donation gets allocated.

    You are welcome to join other clubs, but they wont be your "primary club" and as such wont benefit from you being a member through our club rewards program.

  • Do I have to join a club?

    NO - this is optional. 

  • What are the benefits of being part of a club?

    Once your club gets 20 or more members - we will give $5.00 cash back to your club.

    There is also a specific leader board for your club that enhances your journey and creates friendly competition and banter within the club.

  • Can I change Clubs?

    You sure can - any time you like.....However the club that you nominated at the time of registration will be the club that is eligible for your Club Rewards, and this cant change until the next time you renew.


  • Do I receive a new singlet or shirt if i change Maps?

    No. Your free gift of a singlet or shirt only applies to the event you originally sign up for, which is included as part of your membership fee. If you want an event singlet or shirt from one of the other regions, you can purchase one through the Shop.

  • How do you ensure people don't cheat?

    Unfortunately like any fun run, there are always ways people can cheat… And our event is no exception. We have someone that monitors data each week, and we ensure all processes are in place to avoid this. As always – “those who cheat are only cheating themselves”!


    Invite a friend to join you for the remainder of 2022 and go in the draw to win a trip for 2 to the Queenstown marathon.

    Do you know someone that should join you on your Run The World journey? Someone that can help motivate you for the rest of 2022? Then enlist them as your PACER for just $20! YES - invite a friend to try Run The World (for just $20 for the rest of 2022) and you go into the draw to win a trip for 2 to the Queenstown Marathon including Flights, accommodation & race entries.

    NEW members who become a pacer for an existing member join using the code "PACER", to receive a 5 month membership for just $20. So find a friend, tell them to join using the code and ensure they put your name as the referral when registering. Then.....you are both in the draw to win this incredible prize! OR - pay for someone to join you as a gift - someone you think would benefit from our App and community..... treat it as a $20 raffle ticket for an amazing prize.

    Current members can invite as many pacers as they like, increasing their chances to win every time they add a pacer. Pacers (new members) can not refer other pacers. Read the full terms and conditions below:

    1. PACERS must be NEW members. We are encouraging existing members to attract NEW members as a Pacer for purposes of this comp.

    2. If you don't know a current member and want to enter the comp, or if you want unlimited entries into the comp, then you will be required to enter as a full paying member and then invite your own PACER who will nominate you as a referral.... you're then in the draw.

    3. NEW members who join using the code PACER cannot refer anyone else. Pacers will only be eligible to receive 1 entry in the comp. So once you become a PACER, you can't then become a referral.

    4. Existing members can refer as many pacers as they like.... you can have multiple pacers who put you down as a referral - with unlimited entries for existing members.

    5. Using the code "PACER" changes the membership price from $60 to $20.40 This includes 5 months access to our App, involvement in our monthly competitions, and a yearly medal. Does not include an event singlet or shirt.

    6. NEW members must include the person who referred them (FULL NAME) via the registration form. When asked how did you hear about us, select "referral" and put their FULL NAME. Doing so puts you both in the draw. Without this referral, you will not go in the draw to win the prize below.

    7. One PACER who uses the code and has a legitimate referral name will be drawn at random and they will win a trip for 2 to the Queenstown Marathon. Flights, accommodation and race entries will be provided for the Pacer and the person that referred them.

    8. If a PACER is drawn and they have not nominated a referral person, then a re-draw will take place.

    9. If a PACER is drawn and has another PACER as their referral, then a re-draw will take place as a breach of condition 3 outlined above.

    10. A Pacer who joins and does not have a referral will still enjoy the benefits of their 5 month membership and wont be removed from our system.

    11. Flights depart from and return to Brisbane. Any additional travel is at the expense of the winner.

    12. Accommodation is for 4 nights in Queenstown at The Rees. Check in 17/11/2022 and check out 21/11/2022.

    13. You can enter any race distance you like at the Queenstown marathon.

    14. Entries close July 31st 2022.

    15. A minimum of 50 Pacers need to be entered for the draw to take place. In the event Less than 50 Pacers join, the weekly prizes will continue and the main prize will be replaced by a cash prize of $300.