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Run The World was launched in 2014 to provide a continual journey for you to be part of for the duration of your life. Since then tens of thousands of members have embarked on a unique, exciting, interactive and expansive journey; one that takes you to towns, cities, states and countries you may never get to see. Designed to keep you motivated, inspired and engaged on your running journey every year, Run the World has a journey just for you.

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Interactive Map

Login and check your running progress on the interactive map that shows YOUR exact location and distances between towns. Check segment times, YOUR estimated finish date and see where your friends are and how far they have run.

Explore the world

Stay active for multiple years to see how far you can get. Each map has smaller goals and towns/cities to reach each year, whilst long term you can aim to complete multiple maps. Can you Run The World?

Track your progress

Every run or walk you do is kept on your activity dashboard, as well as graphs and personal best efforts show casing your performance from year to year. Compare weeks, months and years with your own efforts, as well as against thousands of others embarking on the same journey.

Recording your runs

Our goal is to cater for everyone, and this includes imputing your data. We link automatically with Strava, or alternatively you can visit our Smartphone App or website to add data manually using any device or document that shows your time and distance run (excluding step counters).


With 6 maps to choose from that pass through over 650 towns, our event will keep you motivated weekly, yearly and long term as you strive to Run The World. Additionally, we will educate you on these towns and cities as you virtually pass through them.


Each month we will announce a competition - designed to motivate, inspire, and get YOU interacting with our running community for the full duration of your membership. Our competitions cater for everyone... you don’t have to be the fastest or the fittest.

Run The World has donated over $93,000 back to running clubs around the world for them to use as they please... including equipment, coaching, uniforms and charity donations.