Jacqui Gooderham

I Can't believe I've finished my 2nd map! During my 1st map of Run Down Under you set a challenge to run every day for a month and I enjoyed the challenge so much that I kept it going for 161 days.  I then got a non-running injury and had to stop my running streak for about 6 weeks or so and started the streak again in October 2017.  

I chose Friday 13th October 2023 to finish my UK and Ireland Map as it is my 6-year Anniversary of running every day for a minimum of 3kms each day.  I have had to be 'creative' in getting some runs done - even running around several airports!  For me, running every day, is a great way to keep fit, de-stress after a day in the office and to keep on moving along the Run the World maps!  To celebrate my 6 years, I did a 6km walk on my local beach and then met some running friends (Marlise, Sue and Deb) to do my final 6kms at Rockingham Foreshore.

In the last 6 years I have had 2 colds, 1 chest infection (due to running 4 hours in the rain!), a colonoscopy (ran in circles in the front of my house = near to the loo!), 2 broken ribs (even got a 10min pb on a 23km trail run with those), but interestingly and thankfully, no running injuries. 

My longest run was last month at the Surf Coast Century 100km and I still did my 3km run the next day.  The following week was great fun meeting with you at the Rockingham parkrun to complete the 4 x 5km runs (with an extra 1km to make it a 21.1km)

Two of my hardest runs:  The final run of my Run Down Under was at Singapore Airport last year as I flew back to the UK to see my sick Dad.  From the airport I went straight to the hospice to spend the night by his bedside.  The following day, we were asked to leave his room, so he could be washed and made comfortable - I ran in circles outside his room in the hospice grounds.  This was my first day of Run UK and Ireland.  My Dad passed that very afternoon.  I chose this particular map to dedicate it to my Dad who was a pretty decent runner in his day (3:07 marathon at the age of 48!  2:00 half marathon at the age of 78!) he was also an avid walker and gym junky well into his 80s (up mountains in snow!) - he truly inspired and motivated me with my running and because he was a walker in his later years, I introduced walking into my training for my trip around UK and Ireland and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

So, in the last 6 years (2191 days) I have covered 15,203kms of running. In addition, for the last year I have walked 548kms of my Uk and Ireland map.

I just want to finish by saying 'thank you' for all the encouragement you give to so many and for setting that 'run streak' challenge in 2017. I am so looking forward to my next adventure around New Zealand!