Darren Chalmers

I just hit a big milestone that I wouldn't have dreamed possible for an average old bloke like me. 20,000km on my Run the World journey. I think I joined your wonderful group of online exercisers at the start of the second year. I am not on social media, and my running is generally done solo, and that's the way I like it, but to know I am part of a bigger community sharing a goal of health and fitness is very motivating.

I really enjoy tracking my kilometres and to map it on travels around Oz, NZ and now UK and Ireland has been great. Learning about so many new places has been fascinating as I was never good at geography at school. Setting personal challenges to catch people just ahead of me on the leader boards or being inspired by other people’s efforts is all great fuel to keep me out and about. It's rare on a morning walk or weekend run that I don't spot someone wearing the Run the World kit.

I set myself a goal to run my third marathon this year at the Gold Coast, my first was in my forties, another when I was 54, and I've just turned 60 so I reckon it's time for another. I will no doubt see you and many other members of this special online fitness group at the event. I hope all the other members out there they keep exceeding their goals and stay inspired to create better, healthier lives for themselves, as I have, with the assistance of Run Down Under (now Run the World)!