Emil Ingerslev - Denmark

Over just a little less than 2 years I've run the Run Around Europe and I completed it this January. 1 year and 10 months and 17390km. It's been a lot of commutes, running with kids, but also running with friends and races 😀

A bit about me, I'm Emil, and I've been a streak runner for about 3 years. Didn't run much before that, so I guess you could say I'm pretty new at running. I'm also a husband and a dad of 4, with a house and a garden, plus a full time job as a software developer. That's why running is a big part of my daily life. I squeeze it in everywhere it is possible. Running my kids to kindergarten and school early in the morning, continuing to work in the running shoes. That gives me a half marathon in the books before the day has started. Also run some of the way home after work, using public transport for the rest of the way - to get home a bit faster. Then running to pick up groceries, and get errands done in town. On the weekends I often run with some of my kids in the stroller or chariot, so they have covered quite a few miles too. It's not uncommon they join in for one or two weekend halfs or 30k's 😀

I often tell people that when you think about it, it is actually quite possible to get a lot of running done by just replacing car, bike and walking - some days I even get in 6 runs 😅 

My main goal talking about running is to share my love for running. I always hope I can give the next person the excitement to get out there and enjoy running. It's not exercise, it is actually pure bliss, just lots of fresh air, beautiful views and time to think, enjoy audio books, talk to friends or listen to rain falling, or birds singing.

Every day I share my runs with pictures and story on Strava, sometimes on instagram and I just hope to share the experience with our big community 💙

Just as much I love scrolling through my run book on strava and seeing all the beautiful days and runs I've done 🤩

Next up I'll go Run the Longest Walk - seems like a perfect next step 🙌

See you all out there 🤙