Christine Grant

My discovery of Run The World changed my life and I believe I have 
also changed Run The World’s.

2008 I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis. An inflammatory 
condition where my immune system attacks my ligaments and
connective tissue - oh Yay! I was told to prepare to be in a wheelchair
within 10 years. So I sat and waited for that to happen. I got lazy and blamed that on being “Sick”.

In 2015 my sister headed off to her first parkrun. She came across the
finish line, collapsed, dry heaving and was hooked! Now she is one very convincing human. Because there was NO WAY ever I was going to join her. I am sick. I have a disease. I cant run! After much pestering I conceded to attend my first parkrun and WALK, and I did, until an octogenarian ran past me followed by a 6 year old. So this started my passion for getting the lycra on and out the door for a jog most days.

While at parkrun in very late 2017, chatting to the many other addicts
someone mentioned Run Down Under. What a beaut idea!
So my crew all signed up and off we plodded on our Journey around
Australia. Now I am no athlete. I am a Wife, a Mum and a Nana. I am also
a Graphic Designer, so upon reading a Run Down Under weekly newsletter I noticed Travis had a competition to design the 2019 RDU shirt and I was like, that's me! Let me at it! FYI, I won. Also, Im not sure anyone else actually entered, but I’m claiming the W.

As I’m sure you know by now it has become what I think of as a bloody awesome collaboration between Travis and myself. We now smash out 8 different designs each year and can I tell you, I love it and occasional will listen to a suggestion Travis has.

In 2022 my wheels fell off and I was reminded by my body that I needed
to maybe quit the running, if not forever, maybe for a prolonged time.
I am a walker now and there is nothing I love more than throwing on my
daily selected RTW singlet (I have many, I get some perks!) and getting
out the door to get some K’s in. I see you all posting photos in your merch or see you in the wild wearing something I drew on my computer and I get such a kick out of it. The merch certainly stands out!

Oh and if anyone knows a short-cut through WA, let me know, I’ll be
stuck over here for years!