Tracy Murray

Tracy's story starts the day prior to her finish of Run Down Under and continues as she completes the map with many friends by her side.

"Tomorrow I hopefully will complete my first Run Down Under Map! I just wanted to say an appreciation Thank you for providing the Community at large such a wonderful App to encourage movement and a healthier lifestyle!

I was never a Runner (still not really a runner) but always kept reasonably fit!  As I got older I found it harder to stay motivated with fitness and never even imagined that after seeing your Facebook page shared by a friend that in just over 3.5 years I would be completing map one! Along the Run Down Under journey I have enjoyed and participated in all the challenges to stay motivated and have also completed many running distances events, my proudest being Blackall 100 (a 50klm Ultra) in 2021 and this year Blackall 100 (21). Not to mention the friendships built along the way!

Being not really a confident runner in public I found this Virtual Run a way to build on many aspects of life, not just the physical! This journey has played a very meaningful part in my life as my sister was struck down with CIPD and lost the ability to walk, so through my Run Down Under journey it gave us a way to stay connected!  I ran / walked etc and on each milestone Town/City I would forward the emails to my sister along with images taken of where I had run on that section of the Journey, essentially taking her along for the entire process. If I slacked off, she would phone and ask was I still doing Run Down Under as she hadn’t had a destination History email, for a while! So, it Kept me on track!

Currently I am away from my hometown, so tomorrow, Monday 21st at 5.30 I will complete my 5.74 remaining km and friends also doing the journey will run in their locations virtually as a gesture of support! I have not yet decided on Map 2 but it will be Run Down Under 2 or NZ.

Thanks again Travis for providing us all levels of participants the opportunity through your App to do things we never thought possible! My Goal was to finish before my 59th Birthday, and I will achieve that by a few days!"

The finish was an emotional and meaningful one!

"So I completed my journey this morning virtually with others as I’m away! Boy what a Journey … 

This journey is dedicated to my sister Margaret, who virtually came along this Journey through every milestone Town History Emails, my Run spam daily to her, in my Heart and in her encouragement and Spirit! Love you! (Thanks for all the little 🐢🐢along the way)!

Thanks to everyone who has in some way been a part of my Running Journey. I will turn 59 in a few days and never in my wildest dreams at such a late age would I have ever imagined I would take up Running, let alone Complete an Ultra Marathon 50 klm and now Run Down Under! Thanks to all the ladies who ran virtually with me, as I’m away from home.  You are awesome!

Run Down Under really changed my life, and not only that it gave my sister, confined to bed a purpose! It’s a wonderful community! All be it today has been very emotional!