Christine Wilson

I just read your email and was inspired to let you know what happened last weekend. Be prepared for a bit of a back story!

I was diagnosed last November with pancreatic cancer which turned out to be stage 4. I stopped exercising all together when I found out because of the shock and also the pain I was in, it was getting worse. I started chemo but the drugs didn't agree with me and I lost over a stone in weight and felt awful. I later changed chemo drugs and not long after that I was inspired to start parkrun again.

I started off walking, then jog/walking. Fast forward to last weekend where I thought, stuff it - let's see how I do with running it. Well, I was shocked to find out if knocked off around 2 mins off my best time so far this year! It was a real struggle and it took until Sunday afternoon for me to feel 'normal' again. But I did it!!

I've attached a photo of me coming along Aberdeen beach prom in the second half of the parkrun and coincidentally I was wearing my Run Around UK finishers t-shirt in it! I started Run Around NZ last year - progress is slow but I'm getting there!

Anyway, sorry for the long story but just wanted to say that Run Around NZ is making me get out to do runs and walks.

Christine Wilson