Jodie Wilson

My 14,080km Run Down Under Journey around Oz has come to an end this arvo....pretty much the way it began, running around beautiful Bargara🌴

I started this journey on April 1st, 2020, when Covid closed down the world, it has taken me 973 days (2yrs, 7months & 28 days) to be exact. 

This has been my biggest race ever & one of my greatest achievements🏅

Majority of these km's were done solo & in the very early mornings (3.30am starts) while most were still sleeping 😴 …..some of these km's have been in the company of others, pushing & inspiring me.

I have seen so many early dark mornings turn to light with stunning sunrises, I've been mesmerized by full moons & shooting stars, seen whales/dolphins/turtles/kangaroo's/echidnas/owls & lots of bugs, ran in the rain, in the wind, freezing cold, horrible humidity & watched beautiful sunsets.

I have run races in those km's, ran in different towns/cities, I have savaged the treadmills at the gym, I have lost all of my toenail's multiple times😱(except my little ones), sweated bucket loads, bled, got sunburnt, cried, laughed/smiled, battled constant sickness after getting covid, punished my screaming hamstrings more than I should & used about 10 pairs of running shoes.

Most importantly what this journey has continued to teach me is that my biggest competition has always been myself, pushing myself through those bad moments, savouring the good ones & proving to myself just how strong my mind & body can be👊🏼

I encourage anyone to take a look at the motivation Run the World provides, walk/run, slow or fast, short or long the km's are completely your journey🏃🏻‍♀️