Greg Goldsworthy

2018 – stood on the scales in March and thought they were “broken “– I was just under 100kg - 97.something to be precise!

Started moving my ass!

Was told by doctors' years earlier I would/should not run due to a bad knee. So I started walking every other day @4km.

From mid year 2018 to December I walked 4km min and worked out for 20min every day missing only 2 in the 6 months and dropped just on 20kg finishing up at 77kg.

Towards the end of 2018 I was introduced to parkrun and then to Run Down Under. As a walker I decided to join up so as to give myself some motivation as nearly all my training was on my own.

During 2019 I signed up for my first ever 10km event and then in the September, my first ever half marathon at river run 100 – walking time of 2:20.

Over the xmas period of 2019 I started to slowly transition into a few short runs, testing the knee and seeing if this was even possible. 2020 saw me signing up for my first marathon! In March of that year Covid broke out and 2 weeks out the event was cancelled –so I ran it from home as a virtual with company from a few great running mates – solid 4:28 time for my first run of that distance.

And so my fitness journey continued as my run down under journey started .... to move along a bit.

2021 saw me once again sign up for the event only to have it postponed due to covid and once again I ran it with a mate as a virtual 52.37km  - 5:25

June 2021 was my longest adventure signing up to BVRT 50 miler and completing in a solid 10.19

With all the solid training for races both 2019 & 2020 saw my total km on run down under go over 4000 km each year

There is lots more adventures and races along the way but always ticking over in the back ground was my lap round Aus

My message to anyone who wonders if they should sign up – absolutely - just do it!

The emails offer that little bit of encouragement sometimes exactly when you need it most not to mention the other runners/walkers you get to meet.

So it looks like parkrun Bargara Saturday 24th December 2022 will be my last few km to complete my journey around Australia in just under 4 years – from starting as a walker and finishing as an ultra runner  -  so proud of my journey!