Ros Lowe

What started out as an interest in our singlets has lead to Ros Lowe becoming finisher number 219.

"My first thought was not to draw attention to my finish. But I have now been to three celebrations at Torrens parkrun, two for Peter Osmond and one for Kylie Osmond. They have been such light-hearted, fun occasions, so with Peter’s encouragement I will aim to finish my 14080km journey at Mount Barker parkrun on September 18. Peter and Kylie plan to attend, along with some of their RDU friends,  I will also let the members of The Summiteers know that I plan to finish at parkrun".

Ros did just that and celebrated in style with our awesome community. She then sent an email to tell me her story.

"I first heard about RDU at the end of 2017 when I was looking for an Australian running singlet to wear in the Angkor Wat Half Marathon.  A friend lent me her RDU singlet which I couldn’t wear because it was too small, but it got my attention!

Finishing RDU on Saturday with approx 30 others from RDU, some of whom I don’t know personally, got me considering so many things I am grateful for. 

- for living in a COVID free state where at present we can run together.

- for the amazing connections in the running, walking, parkrun community.

- for good health in my 70s.

- for social media and the special connections it brings.

- for Peter and Kylie Osmond who demonstrated to me how much fun Run The World finishes can be.

- for Makiko Bache, a brand new Strava friend, who made and delivered the finisher’s sash.

- for all those at Mount Barker parkrun on Saturday, who entered into the spirit of celebration.

- for Travis for setting up Run The World where I can connect with and get to know people I might never be able to meet in person… And masses more…

In case you are wondering, I have now left London and am running towards Cambridge".