Mary Moe

I am a big fan of Run the World -USA! I’ve been a member since 2017 and am currently virtually headed to Fargo, ND!

I’ve been a high school, college and adult runner. I’ve run 10 marathons and least that many half marathons as well as 9 consecutive Cooper River Bridge runs (10ks in Charleston, SC) and 12 consecutive “Big South Fork” (17.5 mile trail runs, in Tennessee) and I swam for the Atlanta Adult Swim League from 2011-2018 (7 years). Relays, Freestyle and Butterfly were my favorite events.

Year after year, this RTW USA app keeps me going and helps me realize that all my efforts matter, not just the runs but also walking! This is important to me since as I age, I can’t sustain the same level of running/working out  that I used to and it can be a bit hard to come to terms with. Health and self-care are coming to the forefront as key goals for me in this new chapter. I believe in “never say never” and therefore if things change again for me in career and other lifestyle ways to where I can open up to that side of me again, I would welcome it!

For now, I still run a few times a week and swim occasionally but way less distance and I am trying to break past habits (not that they were bad) of always having a race or a swim meet on the calendar or some commitment to competition in lieu of other “active” pastimes like walking, gardening, trying more ancillary work like different forms of resistance training, Foam Roller, and stretching.

Lastly, I am really into cooking lately! - meal planning and shopping and preparing for the week ahead, it feels like a sport of its own but I enjoy it!