Vicki McQueer

Hi, My name is Vicki and I require a lung transplant. To be eligible I firstly need to lose 60 kilos and get fit.

I started out walking short distances, pulling my smaller oxygen bottle behind me. I would take a photo of where I had walked to so I could track how I was going. If I passed my last photo point, would take a new photo which helped me understand that I was getting fitter.

October 2019 I decided I would do a parkrun which is 5 kilometres long. 1 hour and 22 minutes later I completed my first official walk. Was only going to do one but am now aiming for my fiftieth.

My fitness improved and I have slimmed down nearly 50 kilos. Unfortunately my oxygen was getting too low when walking so was put on a bigger bottle with continuous flow, which means a bottle will only last around three to four hours. My new bottles are called “Long Tall Sally” and I push them in front of me in a baby stroller. This allows me to actually run short spurts which I love.

My daughter Richelle Patrick who is always running, including marathons, told me about Run Down Under. I loved the concept that I could virtually travel around Australia as actual travel is a logistical nightmare with having to transport medical equipment everywhere.

So I registered for Run Down Under and am loving it. Having to make my supply of bottles last a month, I cannot go walking everyday, so I turn up the home oxygen machine, hop on the treadmill and do smaller walks. My goal at the moment is to get to Sydney and get the stubby Holder. Told my husband I want to frame it.

I have also told the doctors that if I am successful and I get lung transplant I will be forever grateful for the donor but will name my new lung Forest…because then I will be able to say to myself “Run Forest Run” and I will run.

I admire each and everyone who is out there running and you all inspire me to keep on going.