Mery Jones

I am a mum of 2 and I work full time so when i am able to have time for myself i love to head out the door and run or walk.  I remember when i first started running with my mum she was involved in this thing called Run Down Under, back when there was no fancy app, just emailing in weekly totals to a spreadsheet.  She had some time off due to injury, but i remember her mentioning how RDU kept her motivated through her rehab and she mentioned she was due to finish her first map in February 2019.  I thought, i must sign up and support her. 

So come January 2019, just a month after having my second child i joined, and i remember saying, I can't believe it took me so long to actually sign up.  I have to say, for the small fee for a yearly motivational program with a FREE shirt and medal it certainly is well worth it.  

Last year I started a friendly competition with my Aunty, who is a long time member - we both enjoy playing cat and mouse with our totals each week and month.  I often have a look at where she is sitting for the week and plan my runs or walks to see if I can beat her totals.  Sometimes I let her win. (hehe)  

This year the RDU LOL competition I fell in-love with running even more, after a lot of our events were cancelled or postponed.  I was out there every day giving this challenge a go and through one of the challenges in Week 9 i managed a MASSIVE 19 minute marathon PB.  I was so ecstatic.  I am not sure it would of happened if i wasn't chasing 9 separate kilometres with a 9 in the pace of the km.  It was a time i had been chasing for more than a year!

More recently, with Travis' support at GC50 -  i feel i can not thank him enough for being there, cheering and believing in me on my first road ultramarathon.  And i wear that hat with pride every day!!

You have started an amazing business with RDU and now Runs of the World - I can't wait to see where 2022 takes me - my goal is to make it out of Western Australia! 

Hope you have an amazing festive season and looking forward to supporting you again in 22!!