Angela Nuss

Angela Nuss overcame a major car accident in 2015 to go on and inspire others through her love of running. Overcoming a broken neck and a stroke as a result of the accident, Angela had to learn to walk, talk and eat again while spending 4 months in hospital. Angela progressed from sitting up in bed, to weight bearing, a shuffle frame, to a 4 wheelie frame as her confidence grew. "Every day I would set a GOAL to walk the corridors". In one day Angela clocked up 24kms!

I vividly recall the day Angela called me to ask about joining Run Down Under. I don't get many calls, so I remember our conversation and her desire to start her journey. I could hear the excitement in her voice at the challenge that lay ahead for her. It was then that Angela briefly touched on her major accident, and I took notice of her progress. Since then Angela has gone on to finish Run Down Under in 1,061 days (the 38th quickest) and Run New Zealand in 202 days (the 4th quickest). She is now making her way around the UK and Ireland.

I asked Angela to share her story.... 

"Firstly, when I was well enough, l would jog on the spot hanging onto to my bed post. With poor balance & not confident to hit the road! It took 6 months of doing this & slowly jogging on the farm dirt track to recovery! I was so scared of falling & breaking my neck again.

My running friend KYLIE introduced me to parkrun. l had no idea 🤷‍♀️ what that was/is. Still doing this & became & still are the best runner for my AGE GROUP… (a year after the Major car accident (MCA) l was doing this!) Wow l am so proud of myself! 24.13 mins for 5kms. Not bad!

JADE my dear running 🏃‍♀️ friend showed me YOUR AWESOME APP we signed up! We love it 😍

Running 🏃‍♀️ is my life & my rehabilitation! I used to run like a zigzag on the road & my eyes would wobble. But now with persistence I can run straight & no more wobbly eyes!

YES I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN ACTIVE. From the age of 7, teenage, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty and next year sixty. I feel so fit & well the benefits of being so motivated & healthy is the result of having a young body of 29 not 59 is a true blessing! This is where RUN the WORLD has & is the key to my well-being! And l see myself as a 90 year old moving with a walking frame HA!

MY GOAL/DREAM mission accomplished Running 🏃‍♀️ a MARATHON-RUN the WORLD was my training app to prepare for this achievement THANK YOU 🙏 Travis!

EACH DAY l am moving the legs. MY ROUTINE is








This alters when l train for competitions. The health professional in my life are to maintain by body are EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGIST, MYOTHERAPIST, ACUPUNCTURE, BOWEN THERAPY, PHYISO when needed!

So that is why RUN the WORLD is so important to me!…it gave me my life BACK! My passion of running is my BLISS!

So this is my story of my innocent accident. It changed my life and made me so Grateful for the small things in life. Stop and smell the roses. Hold your head up high and know that you have and continue to make a huge difference to the people in your life. Regards NUSSEY."