Martin Croucher

I've been thinking about writing to you for a few weeks now. I found Run The World in early December 2020, quite by chance really. Being in the UK and with the Covid-19 pandemic hitting us hard plus with lockdown 2.0 on the horizon, I was looking through YouTube and stumbled across some Australian runners who were filming at actual running events. I have missed being part of these events over the past year, but whilst I was watching, I saw this amazing orange t-shirt with Run Down Under on it. That looked super cool so wondered if I could purchase one, but instead found myself looking at your challenge. All I can say is, I wish I had found this before. Having my best friend now living in Adelaide, this seemed like a perfect way to feel closer to her and learn more about the country and places as I travelled around the continent. I signed up soon after to undertake the Run Down Under challenge. Excitingly, my T-Shirt arrived in early January which I thought was amazing given everything that is going on in the world.

I prefer to run marathon and ultra events (my first 100 miler is in October) and with my aim this year to try and enjoy my running more, your challenge has really helped with the motivation. On those dark, cold, rainy, snowy winter nights (and days!!) here in the UK, knowing each step I take is taking me around Australia is a great reason to make myself get out the door. When I get close to a milestone, I look how how many miles I need to run so that I know exactly when, I reach that particular town or city. I am currently heading towards Brisbane and should make that this weekend.

So thank you for making this journey possible. I enjoy uploading my runs when I come back and then seeing how my estimated finish time changes. The weekly newsletter is great and your Facebook live video finishes are enjoyable to watch as well. I get the real sense of community that you are creating. With better weather here in the UK (fingers crossed!!) and longer days, my Run Down Under T Shirt can finally be worn without the need for a coat on top!! I very much hope in 20222, when travel is allowed, to visit my friend in Adelaide once again and actually be able to wear my shirt in the country of its origin. And if anyone wants to follow a slow pommy around Australia, I would be happy to accept!!!!

Thanks once again Travis, it is a great concept.