Walter Findlay

My father was my inspiration for me to get back into running. I ran CC in high school and like most,  fell out of it for many years. My father ran countless 5k's and 10k's and was always competing in the senior Olympics in his hometown, Baton Rouge, LA. He also ran 5 full marathons,  his 1st when he was 72 years old!! He ran all the way up until he broke his hip at age 88. He passed away at 92. Just an amazing example of what it’s all about. Having fun with it and trying to beat the runners younger than he was. One of his favorite shirts had his birth date on the back so "people would know the old guy was faster". I'm still chasing his marathon time! I've attached a picture of one of his finish photos, he was 74 in this one. Notice the lack of water belt/bottle ,no Gu packs. Just went and ran a 4:21 , 1st in his age group that race and 600 and something out of 900 +. I'm still chasing his time!

 I first heard about Run around USA when I was in Indianapolis for my first marathon,  the monumental. There was a booth at the expo. Believe it was 2016. When I started speaking with the young lady she explained what it was all about , I was intrigued to say the least.  Even after she explained how many years it might take. I have traveled all across this great country and thought running a virtual route would just be an awesome experience!

I especially love moving my finish date down. The segments and milestones, how when I reach a new city I get an email with a history of that town, just a great idea by you folks. Currently I have been about 2,600 miles so far on my journey, estimated finish date is May 2029. When I recently found out that there's only around 100 members in the USA compared with over 8000 in Australia, I have been making my mission to tell as many of my running friends as possible. Since I have a bit of a head start no chance of them catching up. LOL. I'm not on Instagram and only have a Facebook account for my work.

Thank you for all your hard work with this app. I will keep promoting it and trying to get as many people signed up.