Vlad Shatrov

Our latest profile delves into the efforts of a Pro Athlete, as Vlad Shatrov becomes our latest Run Down Under finisher.  Vlad is a professional runner and member of Team Solomon, and has created Runlab and Pro Trail Runner. Vlad will complete the 14,080km map in just on 1 year and 9 months! 

Last week Vlad was selected to compete in the upcoming Coast to Kosciuszko; a 240km race from Eden to the summit of Mt Kosciuszko. This will be his next challenge after completing Run Down Under and will see him progress quickly on his next chosen map. Vlad is going for the fastest known time over the 240km course....follow his efforts via his Instagram Page.

Competing at an elite level and coaching runners for over 15 years, Vlad combines experience and an in depth knowledge of running with his passion to help runners strive to achieve something otherwise possibly out of their reach. Best said by his favourite quote “Achieve your impossible”.

After completing the 2015 Berlin marathon in a PB of 2:18 (Olympic qualifying standard), Vlad knows what it takes to set a goal and really work towards it, and he has a passion for running like no other.

Vlad has trained runners of all abilities. Whether it’s those looking to compete in the local fun-run or a full marathon, or just simply looking to run a little faster. He is also the official training partner of multiple running festivals and events including the Blackmore’s Sydney Running Festival.

“My running career started slowly – after undergoing surgery at the age of 10 to alleviate joint fusions in both ankles, I was told it was unlikely that I would be able to make a career out of the sport that I loved yet caused me so much grief”. Undeterred, as a young teenager growing up on a sheep property in South Eastern NSW, “I continued to push my body, enjoying the freedom that running provided”.

“I’m passionate about helping and working with other people to achieve their goals and continually strive to align myself with those individuals and organisations that are pushing the boundaries. I know that running requires not only a structured approach to training, but also a support network of services and equipment to supplement your training.

My mission is to provide every runner the opportunity to “Achieve your impossible”.