Peter and Zahli

What interesting times we are living in at the minute, especially here in Sunny Burnie Tas. 

Firstly I would like to take the time to say thankyou for your contribution to peoples sanity during these times the app you have created is fantastic and gives that little extra bit of motivation needed to get of the door at times. I have picked up the amount of k’s I’m logging for Run down under.

Zahli my teenage daughter you met in Hobart at the Cadbury marathon has lost all her netball so was struggling for motivation as all teenage girls can when there is no friends about, so we had a play with your website and noticed that under every segment you have records available for people to see, and what’s more is that you can break them down to age brackets as well… genius’. 

After having a look through these records she decided that maybe she could go close to getting a segment or 2 of her own. She had her 14th Birthday on Tuesday the 14th of April, 2 days after the severe restrictions came into place to address the virus outbreak from the hospital. To celebrate Zahli and I decided to go for a run one of the very few reasons it is acceptable to leave the house and we managed to run a half marathon, not a great time in 2hrs 25mins ish but such a special time for me as a father running alongside a superstar daughter. Neither one of us had run much more than 10ks before. I thank you for that time with my daughter as I am 100% convinced that without your app and the time and effort you put into it I am sure the best we would have got would have been a walk around the dam, then hurry home to the all-important screen time.

As we knew we were going to be stuck in a form of isolation for a period of time we invested in a treadmill, something that we can all use and as the weather is slowly but surely deteriorating down here. My Beautiful bride has even climbed on to go for a walk or two (I have secretly registered her for the 3 month trial and will let her know when she has logged a few treadmill workouts in the hope she can get the same drive from it as I do then I will make her a fully paid up member.)

Personally I don’t have social media as I see how much time so many people waste on it, but whatever you are doing keep doing it. When Zahli and I go out for a run fully kitted out in a RDU top the amount of waves / smiles / horn toots seem to increase so I can only assume it is something to do with your branding for RDU as I know we don’t know that many people personally.

Once again thank you for what you do I am a huge fan.