Jenny Reedman

My finish is not like I imagined my Run Down Under finish would be, but then my journey was nothing like I imagined either!

Waking up to do parkrun on 20th January 2018 to add an extra 5k, feeling "off" and ending up in ER at the Mater in the afternoon with a massive DVT from my calf all the way up into my abdomen! Who knew healthy, fit people got DVT’s. What can I say though...that really pi$$ed me was I going to stay on track? My goal had to change...stay alive, don’t fall over (on blood thinners for life now...risk of bleeding out after fall is high...oops fell twice...still here) and walk 1km today, walk 2km tomorrow and just put one foot in front of the other. I eventually got back to walking 5km but it took until 2019 to start to feel I was on top of the damage the DVT did to my leg and mind.

Unfortunately at training with a PT I tore a plantar plate which led to complications and a moon boot for 8 weeks. Back to low k’s again and you can’t run in a moon boot!!!! Even a moon boot can’t stop me!

I had the goal of finishing and seeing all the people I joined with, finishing and my finish date blow right out spurred me on. An extra k here an extra 2k there added at the end or waking 20 minutes earlier to squeeze in a few more k’s started seeing me chip away at the finish date. Then I set myself a goal to finish 2020...check. Time for a new goal... to finish top 100 and that’s been my goal for the past 3 months. 

Getting me through the peak of Covid19 saw me name my runs all kinds of things and they became my diary for the past 3 months. Thanking people, places and nature for getting me there. It also made me run/walk multiple half marathons or longer, an ANZAC day marathon with no training, no support and no cheer squad (peak of covid restrictions). I also ran/walked most of each Saturday and Sunday ticking off bucket list goals like running to the city and back or running the entire length of Creek road or cover every street in my local area! My husband would drive to places and I would leave 1 to 2 hours earlier and walk/run there, just because I can.

I invited 10 of my friends to finish with me at Minnippi parkrun where I met my running tribe. I’m done! With 1 toenail left, 18 pairs of runners worn out and a lifetime of memories! It was my first time running (iso style) with my running friends since Covid started. That was reward in itself!

Thank you Travis for setting up Run Down Under! I have loved everything from the shirts to the mementos, emails when you reach a town or segment and your constant encouragement via Facebook posts. Grateful for the Rundownunder tribe!

50andstillrunning (bit more than that now!🤣) Jenny