Christopher Guimaraens - PORTUGAL

When I started with ‘Run Around The World’ November 2017 I did not know the journey it would take me. I suppose I am a typical middle age bloke who happens to enjoy running, even if I have the appearance of a hippo with a limp. That does not matter as I found that runners are not judgemental, as anyone who attempts to run is a runner irrespective of their pace.

Being keen in geography I was fascinated to follow the route and reading upon local places, even looking at Google Earth. Gradually my weekly mileage was increasing but interestingly I also soon found myself walking whereas I use to drive, completing as much as 40-50km/week.Before I knew it last week I completed UK & Ireland. In the end it wasn’t with a run but a lovely walk with my wife and dog, a fitting way to finish. Have to say by having a young Border Collie that has really improved my mileage.

I have now started the European leg and the journey continues. I love the quality shirts and appreciated the yearly medals. I just can not get over the fact I have covered over 3,800km in this time with no small thanks to the impulse this app has given me.