From Wheelchair to Finisher 83

I think when you’re a kid is hard to understand and find all the answers. Why are we so poor? Why does dad drink that much? Why is school so far and we can barely afford public transport? But as you grow up, it was all signs; signs that one day I would use to my benefit. Thinking now, makes me realise it was all good things to make me a better runner or a better human being.

I learned how to appreciate every little thing from the early days. Learned if I wanted something I would have to work for it. Sports always being a huge part Of my life - first soccer, then surfing and eventually running. I probably never being gifted but always love to find the best version of myself.

On December 2004 I had the opportunity to move to Australia, it was a dream coming true. But in April 2005 this dream became a nightmare!! I was diagnosed with guillian barre syndrome. Basically in two weeks I lost 95% of all the movement in my body, but still have half of my face working, so I could laugh and learn how to speak English .... haha thanks to those amazing Gold Coast hospital angels!!! First two words I learned “awesome and stunning”. Oh man, I had one amazing girlfriend back then and some great friends, who didn’t leave me one day by myself.

From being pushed in a wheelchair till finish Run down under, if you asked me if I could see that future that clear I’d say no, but I’d also say, let’s try it!!! My friend, if one day you hit the bottom or if you feel like that now, I tell you what - stop feeling miserable, and from that it’s all up hill. You’re the only one who can believe in the power of your abilities even when it’s so compromised. I’m so thankful God gave me a second chance and had put those amazing human being in my life. Think when you are surrounded by angels, there’s no doubt you’re gonna become one too, and if those angels talk about sports and running, one day you will try it.

Running wasn’t a option, but the only option, it’s like after all the adversities, running was my thing, my religion, my way, my LOVE, to go out there and inspire the ones who had always needed. Running is my LIFE!!!