Troy and Kim Reader

For the first time in our member profiles, we have interviewed not one.... but two members.....husband and wife Troy and Kim Reader. As Troy finished Run Down Under on July 7th to become our 8th finisher, we thought it appropriate to not only find out about him, but also Kim as well. I started by asking them both: When you first met each other where you runners? "No" Kim starts. "We both did other sport, but running was not on the radar.  Actually when Troy started running, I used to think how boring it was.  All it created for me was lots of washing!  Now I have double the amount of washing...and my running clothes are probably double what Troy has!"

So Who joined Run Down Under first? Who’s idea was it? "From what I recall I saw an article in maybe runners world and thought it would be a good idea", Kim explains. "So Troy and I joined at the same time.  Started on Day 1, Jan 1 2014."

I was intrigued as to whether they run together? "Only in a group setting, such as parkrun, or Sunday long runs with a group of friends.  I have run with Troy when he is doing long runs when training for a particular race, but that is about it.  He's not very chatty when he runs 😬" Kim laughs......

So are you competitive against each other? "No, never compete against each other, except for first day of the year to see who can get on the RDU leader board first."

Being a dynamic duo and a part of Run Down since Day 1, have you influenced others through your running? "We have both encouraged workmates to run.  Especially since parkrun started in Devonport. We also became a bad influence encouraging parkrunners to stay for coffee!"

I wanted to get a bit more personal, so I asked Kim what are Troy’s running strength and weakness. "Troy's strengths are definitely hills and trails. He's a bit of a mountain goat.  Smashed them both at Trailfest this year. I also admire how he will help anyone who wants to improve their running.  He does his research and practices what he preaches. His main weakness would be how hard he is on himself when he does not achieve what he sets out to do."

Troy goes on next to proudly tell me.... "Kim's strength would be her consistency and perseverance.  When she began running she had shin splints and couldn't run for 12 months.  She is now running better than she ever has.  That is also due to a mindset change and finding a like-minded training partner.  As for her weaknesses, I think she gets a bit lazy, and does not push herself...likes to stay in the comfort zone." Kim is agreeing here..."why hurt when you don't have to" she laughs.

So who gets the crankiest after a bad run? "Definitely Troy", Kim yells!! "He is a perfectionist, and when things don't go right that equals cranky!"

Do you use running to help your marriage? "Not so much running, as our daily walks.  They are when we unload and chat about everything and anything.  Mind you Kim does most of the chatting" Troy explains. "The same walk seems to take much longer when the other isn't there."

Do you travel to events together? "Up until the Gold Coast last weekend, we have done our running travel together.  Most have been in Tassie with the exception of Great Ocean Road and the Imperial 20 on King Island."

What is the best experience the two of you have had as a couple bought about by running? "Trailfest at Derby this year would be our favourite running weekend to date.  The runs were great, the atmosphere was excellent, and to do it with our friends was awesome.  There is something about running trails...they are magic!"


Kim and Troy finish the interview by telling me "Run Down Under has been a great motivational tool for us as a couple.  We try to walk or run everyday as we know it is going into our virtual run bank.  The amount of times we have soldiered on in the rain are too numerous to count (especially here in Tassie).  Seeing the achievements of other runners too is fantastic.  When Steve Wright finished, we were in awe at the short amount of time it took Troy is there!  We would encourage anyone who runs (or walks) to sign up for this adventure.