Daniel Legge

Proud Queenslander, born on the Gold Coast 25/12/75. 5yrs on the Coast, 7 in Beenleigh and since then a Logan boy. I've been employed, almost continually, in rather physical jobs, since I was twelve.
I'm single, I've never been married and have no kids, but would really like to fix that. Oh......and I'm a RUNNER!!

I became a runner on the 25th August 2013, my first parkrun! At Mitchy! Registered by my girlfriend at the time who was on a weight loss journey. I offered to run with her but she said to do my own thing. My hope was to beat 30 min, military double time, I did, no training, no prep, 25:27. After my run I went back out to motivate her, but she didn't want that either, I just went to the next random runner offered my support, which was gladly accepted, and Dan the motivator was born.

I began running 5 almost every day, but it was suggested that I run a 10 once a week, to make my 5's faster, my second piece of running advice, the first being, always run a negative split! These two to little pieces of GOLD are at the core of my running!

That 10 once a week turned into a test of 12, (56 mins) and my first event in 2014, the Anzac Run. Completed in 72, military double time, with my best mate, at his pace. That inspired a test of the next distance, 21.1, no prep, no fuel, no hydration, leg weights on for the first 7, 1:51:11. During this test, I consciously decided that this will do, half is great but forget that 42, that's just silly! Went about a days work after, heavy manual labour. That night I entered my first FULL! WTF! A friend was injured for the Gold Coast Airport Marathon, the name of the whole event, and I assumed she was only entered in the half, I was wrong. I thought about trying to back out when I realised, but then I thought what I needed to do to make it happen? Run a test! No prep, no fuel, no hydration, 4:02. That wasn't acceptable, I did a half under 2, I wanted sub 4. Test 2, 4 weeks later, 6 weeks before the event, 1 week sober, a lolly pop and a chocolate milk for fuel and hydration, 3:42. I ran the event in 3:39:25. 

No distance has ever daunted me as I believe I can do anything, given the time, and I prefer testing over training. I've never taper trained, don't use gels, my longest test is a 100km treadmill run before my first RR100. About 95% of my running is for others, from buying injured runners entries, insisting on paying full price, running for Running Ceo's and Relay for Life, pacing at parkrun, running with friends kids, either pushing my pram so a mum can run faster or running with an under 11 that's faster than mum or dad. Where there is a need for a runner to help someone achieve their goal, I will answer the call.  I am almost always there until the end cheering the tail home, I'm known as "the talking clock", I bellow the time, heard anywhere on the course, and "Dan the Motivator", I push the chute from the finish of my run til the tail, I've even been called "Mr. parkrun" lol.

My next challenge is a run to Perth! I will leave Brisbane on the 9th of June 2018, running through the night and sleeping during the day. I plan on towing a trailer that I will be sleeping in, still tbc testing is ongoing. I currently plan on being largely unsupported but have a mate keen to document it! I will reach Perth in 42 days. My only reason for choosing to be unsupported is that I can't be the guy that can't do it because no one would help me! 2 months is a long time, and no one I know can just quit LIFE to follow me across Australia.